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Hi, First of all we wanna thank everyone who have donated! Waking up to knowing we are getting home is wonderful. We reached that amount needed to get her home in less than 12 hours, this is amazing! Thank you <3 We are reaching out for help for Janina who has had hodkins lymfoma for over 8 years and who is now stuck here in the Philippines. I, her friend, earlier made a fund to gather money for Janina's trip here because the doctor's said she would be able to fly and everything should be okey. She found out in january she has a braintumour also and they can't do anything about it and that is why we wanted to travel now together before any treatment, because they don't know if she would be able to fly in the future because her cancer is not curable. We left Finland 20th February in the morning and everything was okey. During the flight she got worse and her hedache was increasing but we didn't think it was something because the doctors told her she can fly and that she can travel so we both were in that believe. When we arrived here in Manila she was getting worse, she was not able to walk anymore and was a bit disoriented. We came to our hotel in Manila and she said she just going to sleep it off and tomorrow everything will be fine. Next morning we were supposed to go to Boracay but we ended up at the hospital because she was so disorientated that she didn't know her name and while trying to stand up she fell and hit her hed. At the hospital she didn't respond to anything and she was in alot of pain. They did an MRI on her head and gave her medicins. I contacted Sos international, her parents, own doctors, insurance company, Finnish ambassador and so on and nobody can help us get home. I sended the MRI pictures back to Finland that they took here so they could compare them. The doctors in Finland said she needs to get home as fast as possible because the tumour has grown more than expected in 5 weeks. Problem is she is not able to fly a normal flight because of the tumour in her brain causing higher preasure and flying would increase the pressure and she wouldn't make it. So our only option is an anesthesia doctor that would fly here and escort her home. This is why we are gathering the money because we need to bring her home this week, which the insurance company unfortunately doesn't cover. She didn't know about the risks of flying with a tumour because nobody told her that and she shouldn't been given permission to even fly from Finland in her condition. Every doctor that looked on her papers now have said she shouldn't been allowed to fly from Finland and that is a miracle she survived it. So now we are stuck here because she won't be given permission to fly because the risk is too high and they can't do anything here to make her able to fly and she really needs to get home as soon as possible so the doctors can stabilise her, which they can't do here. So we, her family and all her friends are hoping we could reach out to all of you to help us gather money to be able to fly her home with an anesthesia doctor as soon as possible. Please share and help us get Janina home and end this nightmare. ? ? Thank you! Xoxo

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