• Feed the Starving in Turkana Africa

    Last week I had a friend send me a picture of man that died of starvation. He had an empty water bottle in his hand.…

    $6000 / 10000
    Views 112
    Started On2017-12-14
    End Date 2018-01-20
  • Homeless Clown-Clavitos

    "To us, the artists, when people applaud it gets rid of our hunger." This 80-year-old homeless man's happiest moment is when he can make others…

    $6750 / 10000
    Views 122
  • Swim For Life

    Rapid integration of refugees into society is critical to Germany’s success in this European crisis. Money beyond government funding is required for multiple projects, provisions…

    $10500 / 13000
    Views 126
  • Safe water for Flint

    I live in Lansing now, but I have many friends and family in Flint. Quite a few with young children. So when I heard the…

    $5500 / 2000
    Views 119
    Started On2017-12-14
    End Date 2018-01-31
  • Homeless Veteran Alan McKracken

    Alan McCracken is a United States Army veteran who proudly served his country for 6 years before being honorably discharged. After his service ended, he…

    $15500 / 123654
    Views 137
    Started On2017-12-14
    End Date 2018-01-31
  • Winter shelter for Standing Rock!

    This past April of 2016, less than 20 Standing Rock Sioux youth began taking action in North Dakota to peacefully and prayerfully protect water, to…

    $12000 / 50000
    Views 91
    Started On2017-12-15
    End Date 2018-01-31

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