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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrowdFund?

CrowdFund is the most innovative, modern crowdfunding platform for charitable causes. The American Red Cross, UNICEF, USO, March of Dimes, Clinton Global Initiative, as well as tens of thousands of smaller non-profits use CrowdFund for peer-to-peer fundraising, event and team fundraising, and creative fundraising campaigns. CrowdFund's core principles are that giving back should be fun, and that non-profits have unprecedented power to leverage their supporters’ capacity for good.

How does my charity receive the funds?

CrowdFund makes it incredibly fast and easy for your charity to receive its funds. When a donor makes a donation, the funds will be processed by the payment processor that you chose, either Network for Good or WePay. Both are PCI Level 1, secure credit card processing services. WePay sends funds to charities in real time. Network for Good sends payments to charities on the 15th of each month that include all donations made in the previous month.

Are donations secure?

This will sound really official because we know how important it is. CrowdFund processes donations through Network for Good and WePay. You can choose which processor you want. Both payment processors are PCI Level 1 Compliant (that's the best) and both offer industry-leading Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Network for Good is a donor advised fund, and a Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance accredited charity that meets all of the BBB standards for charity accountability.

How does the Pricing Guarantee work?

CrowdFund collects a platform fee (based on your plan) along with a credit card processing fee. Donors have the option to cover all the fees (including credit card fees) at checkout, and over 95% of donors do. We guarantee your pricing never exceeds the plan you choose. That means if you choose the Tre plan, you will keep at least $97 of every $100 you raise. If you choose the free Fiver plan, you will keep at least $95 of every $100 you raise.